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Brand story – Benny and the team of scientists

Benny is a supervisor at a factory. He has a group of friends who are scientists. They studied the bactericidal properties of microscopic particles (nano size) especially silver ion and Titanium dioxide (TiO2). There was an unexpected occurrence when they gave silver ion molecules coated with TiO2. This combination gives really perfect results because it can kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, remove Volatile Organic Compounds in the air (VOCs including Formaldehyde). Benny decides to apply and develop this useful technology for medical and environmental products.

Silver ion coated nano TiO2 technology brings many prospects for bactericidal and environmental cleanup; prevent, cure diseases and improve quality of life. The main effects  include as follows:

  • Kill almost bacteria, viruses and mold almost completely
  • Deodorize VOCs (harmful volatile gases), formaldehyde, benzene, toxic gases
  • Self-cleaning ability, always kill bacteria, maintain cleanliness, protect long-term surface
  • The mechanism of action is based on reduced oxidation, so there is no drug resistance, no fear of genetic modification, the material is not consumed.
  • Maximum efficiency but absolute safety

TiO2 has long been known as a safe material, still used in the production of sunscreen, deodorizing clothes… Silver ion is a high-level disinfectant still used in the production of antiseptic and hygienic products.

Special silver ion is used in baby hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste… TiO2 is coated inside silver ion molecule to create a super strong bactericidal structure.

Extremely effective bactericidal features by the silver ion coated with TiO2 can kill bacteria 5 times faster than bacterial growth. Previous diseases that are difficult to treat due to the rapid growth of bacteria can now be controlled, treated and give extremely positive results.

At the beginning, Benny and the group of scientists had a hard time getting products to market because they had no expertise in business.

However, Benny still brings products to health agencies to test and introduce technologies in many places such as Cathay Hospital (Taiwan), Malaysia Maternal and Child Care Center, and the Ministry of Health Laboratory. Taiwan, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, …

In his free time, he goes to disease areas of the poor to spray products in their rooms, help cancer patients live better thanks to a living environment that reduces bacteria and toxic gases. This is also the way Benny does charity.

Silver Ion Nano technology coated with TiO2 and prospects

More than 2 years later, Benny’s acquaintances commented, “Benny is better now.” He was able to bring this technology to many places. In 2018, Benny’s products were available in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan. Especially China is a huge market because their population accounts for 1/7 of the world population. Benny has done a lot of products quality tests in Taiwan and China. All of them show the obvious effect of this technology. As a result, he could penetrate the Chinese market very deeply. As of early 2018, the Conchell Triton antibacterial mask product sold about 1 million pieces per month in China.

In 2019, silver ion coated nano TiO2 technology had a certain foothold thanks to its outstanding efficiency. All technology-applied products are approved by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). TiO2 silver ion nano-technology is granted 18 patents globally.

Benny, scientists and colleagues are continuing to apply this advanced technology to many products in many fields:

  • Antiseptic mask, disease prevention, deodorizing, detoxifying (Triton)
  • Spray product to treat rash, treat eczema, treat ulcers in open wounds due to strong bacteria activity…
  • Spray products to deodorize new cars, clean air conditioner, deodorize new houses, detoxify, kill bacteria in cars, houses, eliminate formaldehyde and other toxic gases…
  • Spray products to kill germs, bacteria in shoes, helmets, baby diapers, feminine sanitary pads…
  • Glass wrap products with TiO2 silver ion nano technology kill bacteria, detoxify, mold… for buildings, bathrooms, buildings so that these infrastructures are always kept clean and safe and environmental friendliness.

These new products are being researched to promote the advantages of nano silver ion TiO2 technology and become a healing solution, protect health and improve the quality of life for many families.