Toan Thinh Dat Limited Company provide titanium dioxide silver (TiO2/Ag) nano technology applied products. TiO2/Ag nano particle technology is the modernest and highest technology in bactericidal, detoxifying and deodorizing fields.

One of the advantages of TiO2/Ag nano technology is no wear in fuel. So just the first use of this solution could bring us long time effects. Besides, TiO2/Ag technology kills bacteria, viruses and toxic gases by catalytic chemical reactions so it is absolutely harmless for people and environment.

Our TiO2/Agnano technology products:

Providing TiO2/Ag nano technology applied products, we believe that human’s life quality will be increasingly improved. We also can treat completely the deseases that can not be cured easily due to the development of bacteria. In many countries, while the economic are developed, the environment are constantly destroyed. Therefore, the demands of life quality improvement are increasing. TiO2/Ag nano technology applied product line is one of rhe best solution meeting these needs.

We would like to accompany with the potential partners and customers to distribute more widely these technology products in the world. If you would like to cooperate, please contact us via:

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